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Question Papers of TMA for Sr. Secondary (12th) session 2015-16.

Download the Tutor Marked Assignments for session 2015-16. Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) are meant to help you learn and be a successful learner. They provide you practice in writing answers to questions and get feedback. These assignments will therefore help you to look at your progress in NIOS exam preapration. These assignments are available in a separate book, which is provided to the learners. ABSENT will be marked in the marksheet in the column for grades of TMAs. So there you have it. Is an ABSENT in the marksheet in the column for grades of TMAs acceptable to you? According to the Prospectus, submission of at least one TMA in each subject was made mandatory. It was also stated very clearly that learners will not be granted permission to appear in examinations and/or their results may be declared as "INCOMPLETE" unless they have given atleast one TMA in each subject. The system of giving 20 percent weightage to Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) in final results of the students in NIOS introduced from 2002 examination has been discontinued, subject to TMA being made compulsory and the relative grading in TMA being shown in the final certificate and the separate column (Grade obtained in TMA).


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